March 2, 2013
10 Best LA Dishes for Homesick New Yorkers, or, Fancy LA takes on classic NY staples

LA does it’s own thing. It’s own fancier, slightly more expensive thing. There shouldn’t be a point to make any sort of comparison. They are right about the hot dogs, though. Nathan’s is probably the only holdout in the old NY hot dog scene.

Note: the Jewish deli section totally overlooks the Pico/Robertson - Miracle Mile stretch of wonderful Jewish delis that provide a much better deli experience than Jerry’s.

January 3, 2013

The 3rd ever Nathan’s hot dog stand (Yonkers, NY) has been torn down. In the meantime, customers can treat themselves to a Nathan’s dog from the dog truck. Guess what? It still rocks.

July 29, 2010